Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 25 - Transfered to the far North


The new area is great. I'm in Alcala A. Which is in the Tug City North zone. This ward is actually a ward, so that's nice. Here we have a baptism set for the 14th and I believe two people will be baptized. My comp is Elder Pawin. He's freaking dope. He's from Davao city. Also in our house we have Elder Brandon from Utah and Elder Costales from somewhere close to Iloilo, because he is Ilongo. Our house is pretty nice here. It's ALOT bigger than the last house and the bathroom is 20x better. I heard the Pats won which is awesome. I didn't know if they could do it.

Apparently we are the most northern part of the mission. We all think that next cycle they are going to be closing the area. They are closing a ton of areas right now because all the missionaries from the big hype are going home. Last cycle we only had two Elders come in. I miss my other area, but I'm sure I'll get used to the area here. The Elder who was here before, Elder Lott was part of my batch.

I've been blowing peoples minds here. Everyone is like 'Oh how long have you been here?' and I'm like: '6 months I came in with Elder Lotts batch.' and then they just freak out saying how good I am at Tagalog. Another person from my batch is in my zone too, Elder Einfeldt. Me and him always get tons of compliments in district meeting saying how good we are at Tagalog. Our zone leader said he wasn't even this good at his 18 month mark.
So yeah that's it.
Love y'all,
Elder Swensen

Transferred to Alcala in Tuguegaro North Zone

Elder Swensen and new companion, Elder Pawin

Alcala is the farthest north area of the mission.
Saint Philomene Church in Alcala

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