Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 24 - The Pope in the Philippines

Benito Soliven

Yes I will be transferred this next cycle. I'm pretty sad, but I knew it was coming. So Friday we'll go to Cauayan to figure out where I'll be transferred  I want to go down south, because summer is coming. I really don't want to go to Tug city. They sat that's the hottest place in the Philippines. When the pope came, school was out and it was basically a holiday. It's freaking weird. It was also pretty stormy that week so a lot of the people that were with the pope went home before his big presentation.

I'm gonna upload some more pictures today. Today we've been real busy. I got to go on splits with Elder Enuake to Cauayan. We had to do fingerprints for our visas. After that we got to eat at KFC which tastes nothing like the KFC by us, but it was good. I also got to catch up with Elder Delaney which was nice. I love that kid. Other than that, a girl in my ward said she's been messaging Hadley on FB, so that's awesome!
Anyways take care ya'll.
With love,
Elder Tanner Swensen

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