Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 67 - Elders from Davao are way cool!


This week we had a ton of success! We had three investigators attend church and we have five progressing investigators! Things are rolling quite nicely here! Nothing much has changed with the work it's about the same old. Elder Balneg is easily one of my favorite companions. I don't know what it is, but all the Elders that come from Davao are all way cool.

Honestly there isn't many things that I want a medium package would probably do. Make sure you just include CTR rings as well, this time add a couple of Tagalog rings as well! Other things that might me good are Pilot G2 pens. Those are my favorite, but they don't sell them here.

Maria Christina Danao, Elder Castillo, Fernandez, Balneg and Swensen



Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 65 - Awesome New Companion, Elder Balneg


My new companion is awesome. His name is E. Balneg from Davao. This November we have 2 baptisms scheduled. Graces Flores and Michelle Malari. Grace went to church for the first time last Sunday, it's so great to see her progression:) Michelle went last Sunday but wasn't able to make it yesterday. So hopefully she comes to church next week, so that we can still have that in November.

Mom: So are you feeling any better?  Sorry, I'm a little worried.  :) 

Yeah it's gotten a lot better. It turned into like a whole body infection. Like my sinus got infected, I got boils, and lesions and rashes and like everything possible. Sister Rahlf had me sleep in the mission home all Tuesday. It was crazy. but it's way better now

Elder Balneg, Melanie Baua, Elder Swensen
Transfer Day at the Cauayan Tranfer Point.
Transfer Day

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 64 - Paalam Elder Cruzit!


So nothing changed this week. We didn't get much work done this week, because Elder Cruzit is going home and he wanted to visit all the members. So we've done a lot of visits with active members. President Rahlf told me that I will be a follow up trainer next cycle. So I will be finishing the training of a Filipino elder. He said I might also train next cycle. I also have a reallllly weird sickness. I have lesions on my arm, I have a huge boil on the back of my neck, my whole body aches and I already did one full round of antibiotics, but it didn't help much, so now they are going to put me on two different antibiotics for another round. ya'll should send me an Alta shirt in my package, but make sure it's medium! Large is wayyy to big for me now XD
Anyways I'll message ya'll next week with my new companion and send pictures. Love you! 

Final Zone pics with Elder Seuli and Cruzit