Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 55 - Cade's Baptism and beatin' on Hadley's BF's


Hey yoooo what up. SO we did get a new investigator yesterday. She's the cousin of one of the RMs in our ward. We taught her the first lesson at church and extended baptism, so she accepted and we'll be doing that on the 19th of September. So that's awesome that I get another baptism for my birthday:) Everything else is completely fine. All of our RCs are doing just fine, no problems there.
Seriously I'm pretty upset at all the things I'm missing. I miss Cade's baptism and beating up all of Hadley's BFs. When I get home I'm gonna probably end up in jail though XD Throwing punches at lil kids for messing with my sister XP. haha Anyways Take care this week! Love ya'll

Family at Cade's Baptism

Family, Gma and Gpa, and the other Swensen's.

Hadley and Cade

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 54 - We finally got to ear from him.


I hope you don't get an ear from me this week. I need both of them XD haha
(We didn't hear from him last week)
Sorry last week we had a district activity and before we realized it, it was already six, so we had to work. E. Manalili and I have one more cycle. I'm guessing I didn't train because there are 13 foreigners and three Filipinos. Next cycle though I'll probably train.

We had our baptism. I'll upload pix in a min. Everything went well, but this ward really sucks at attending and getting set up for baptisms. They are always one or two hours late to baptisms, but it's all goods. The important thing is she got baptized. We have a couple more potential investigators that will probably get baptized, maybe next next week. One of them, her name is Danika, lives super far away and is only in town every Saturday and Sunday. She goes to church every week though, and apparently she's been doing that for awhile. 

Earlier this morning we played ball with our zone. It was pretty fun. Our DL and our ZL is getting transferred though.

District Activity - Sister Acain, Elder Swensen, Sister Saragoza, and Elder Manalili

District Activity - Elders Cebreros, Manalili, Costacio, and Glassie

Elder Manalili, Elder Canencia, Jefferson, Elder Swensen and Elder Glassie

Another baptism with Elder Glassie, Elder Canencia, Elder Swensen and Elder Manalili

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 52 - Becoming a trainer.


I thought I uploaded the pictures :P I guess I didn't.  They aren't on my MC either. I don't know what happened... I'll get copies from Faa. I talked to President about it during our interview last week. He said it was all good, but I need to make sure I want it, and I need to get my Visa fixed ASAP. So it is possible. We normally get our trunky letters 3 or 4 months before the release date. I also get to pick June or May. He said if I want to get released early than it was fine with him. He also said I'll be becoming a trainer. Either this cycle or next :P

Also, I got some stuff stolen from me. I got my P-day shoes, nikes, and my new Proselyting shoes.... I'm using my old ones right now, but they won't hold up for forever. Maybe 1 more cycle. E. Zabala and E. Paea are my zone leaders. E. Glassie is my new DL.

This week is our baptism. We also have another interview for a baptism this week. and we set another  baptismal date for 3 weeks from now, which will probably be next cycle. So things are going really good here. I really hope I don't transfer, but it's possible because I think my comp is going to train too. I really want to have my birthday here. I already have plans for my birthday so I hope I don't get transferred. I think that's about it. Any ways that's about it. Love ya'll take care.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 51 - Upcoming baptisms!


Alright I'll take pictures of all the places we go this week :p
Yeah we did get a new investigator. She is the Niece of one member here. She came to church last week and we set her baptism for the 23rd. Jefferson is still progressing. His interview is this week on Saturday. We had our baptism scheduled for the 15th, but the members decided last week to have an activity on that day so they moved our baptism to the 14th. Also E. Manalili said not really anyone attends the baptisms so we'll have to work on that. hahahha
We have our interviews this week with Prez. So I guess we see how that goes, but anyways I'm sure it'll be great^-^ hahaha Anyways that's all.... Take care! Love you.