Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 54 - We finally got to ear from him.


I hope you don't get an ear from me this week. I need both of them XD haha
(We didn't hear from him last week)
Sorry last week we had a district activity and before we realized it, it was already six, so we had to work. E. Manalili and I have one more cycle. I'm guessing I didn't train because there are 13 foreigners and three Filipinos. Next cycle though I'll probably train.

We had our baptism. I'll upload pix in a min. Everything went well, but this ward really sucks at attending and getting set up for baptisms. They are always one or two hours late to baptisms, but it's all goods. The important thing is she got baptized. We have a couple more potential investigators that will probably get baptized, maybe next next week. One of them, her name is Danika, lives super far away and is only in town every Saturday and Sunday. She goes to church every week though, and apparently she's been doing that for awhile. 

Earlier this morning we played ball with our zone. It was pretty fun. Our DL and our ZL is getting transferred though.

District Activity - Sister Acain, Elder Swensen, Sister Saragoza, and Elder Manalili

District Activity - Elders Cebreros, Manalili, Costacio, and Glassie

Elder Manalili, Elder Canencia, Jefferson, Elder Swensen and Elder Glassie

Another baptism with Elder Glassie, Elder Canencia, Elder Swensen and Elder Manalili

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