Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 55 - Cade's Baptism and beatin' on Hadley's BF's


Hey yoooo what up. SO we did get a new investigator yesterday. She's the cousin of one of the RMs in our ward. We taught her the first lesson at church and extended baptism, so she accepted and we'll be doing that on the 19th of September. So that's awesome that I get another baptism for my birthday:) Everything else is completely fine. All of our RCs are doing just fine, no problems there.
Seriously I'm pretty upset at all the things I'm missing. I miss Cade's baptism and beating up all of Hadley's BFs. When I get home I'm gonna probably end up in jail though XD Throwing punches at lil kids for messing with my sister XP. haha Anyways Take care this week! Love ya'll

Family at Cade's Baptism

Family, Gma and Gpa, and the other Swensen's.

Hadley and Cade

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