Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 32 - A wealth of information


Q: So how was your week?
A: Everything is fine here. Work is going as usual and we have a baptism next week. 

Q: How do you find people to teach?  Do you do much tracting?
A: We don't do hardly any tracting, because our teaching pool is so big from combining the areas. We aren't really finding people at all right now.

Q: Is there a family you're really close too?
A: I'm close to everyone here. One family we were close to last cycle. We had dinner with them often.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week 31 - Working really hard with a new companion


It's all good. So, yeah Elder Brandon did become my new companion (they were housemates before, but they consolidated the area to two missionaries). It's definitely a different experience (not having a Filipino companion).  The house is fine, because I started a garden. This month our goal is 10 baptisms. So we'll see if we can accomplish that.
On Saturday we decided to leave the apartment at 9:00 AM and work all day and then at night we did our studies. I was fine with it, but my comp about died. He was so tired that we didn't even work yesterday. I wasn't tired at all I just stayed up studying Ilakano. My comp. keeps telling me that I'm going to be the next district leader here, but I seriously don't believe him. In fact, I don't want to believe him. Being a District leaders is really tough. They have to teach at district meetings, account for the district and have to go on splits with everyone in the district. Anyways, everything is going great here. We are working really hard. So thanks for all your support and everything you've given me.
I also want to study here. The best part is one of the Nanay's here said that I could stay at her house for however long I wanted so I wouldn't have to spend anything on housing. I also heard that the schooling is like 100 dollars a semester. So really the only thing I would have to pay for is the rides to school, because Nanay would cook all meals for me. Her daughter also just left on a mission. Her name is Kimberly De'leon. She's at the Butuan mission.

New companion - Elder Brandon

Elder Costales, Elder Swensen, Elder Pawin (old comp), Elder Brandon (new comp)

Elder Costales, Elder Pawin (old comp), Elder Brandon (new comp), Elder Swensen

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 30 - This area is insanely awesome.


Hey it's Elder Pawin's Birthday today so I was hoping that maybe you could put 2000 pesos on my card so we can go do some stuff.  Sorry no email last week. We decided we wanted to go hang out with some investigators. So we spent our entire p-day with them just talking, eating fruit, and sleeping. It was way fun actually. Today our area is shrinking. We are going down from four missionaries to two missionaries, so two of us, maybe three of us will be transferred. I just found out I'm not getting transferred, but my comp. is. I still don't know who my new companion will be though. 

Elder Baker one of my zone leaders is like 6'7" and he sticks out here. It's pretty funny. Our house is pretty chill.  There is seriously not a single thing that I hate about this place. The areas are really far away, it's a lot like my first area, but here it is actually a ward. I'm super excited that I'm still here though. We have 3 Baptisms planned for next month, also our guess for next month is 8, because right now we have 15 progressing investigators. This area is insanely awesome.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 29 - No email


No email this week?!.....but here are some photos from his last Zone Conference.  We had to pick him out of the background in most of them.

Tuguegarao North Zone
Back:  Elders Baker and Hamp
MIddle:  Elders Almaras, Allred, Saguire, Swensen, Wengreen,

Echano, Einfeldt, Brandon, Pawin, Costales
Front:  Elders Rocamada, Tabudlong;  Sisters Saito, Heve, Romero, Breinholt