Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 59 - Pastime of the little kids (Lice).


haha That's actually pretty funny. I'm pretty sure I have lice. Everyone has it here. Like it's a pastime of little kids to pick out and kill lice. It's pretty much impossible to avoid it too. Like with splits, sleeping in other beds, and all the stuff. So I just don't think about it XD

Anyways this week we did have the baptism. On Friday, morning there was no work or school so we were able to get all of that dealt with. We do have one more potential baptism, but it'll probably be for one more cycle if we are still here. I think I've already told you about her. Her name is Danica. Her boyfriend is a member and she comes to church every so often, but she's not in town on weekdays and even some weekends, so it's pretty hard to get in and teach her. So I guess we'll just see how that goes.

We had Zone Conference last Thursday so ya'll should be able to get pix from that. There was an awesome pic of me and my batch so you should try to find that pic. I also have some other pics from zone conference, I'll upload those as well. Transfers will be on October 7th. I know the new AP E. Cruz and I ate lunch with him at zone conference. I told him to transfer me to Alicia sooooo hopefully he will do that XD. I also wouldn't mind going to Roxas, or down south. Anyways that's about it for this week. Take careeee Love you all

Mission buddies at Zone Conference

Santiago North Zone
Back:  Elders Navarro, Warren, Swensen, Canencia, Costacio, Paea
Front:  Elders Santos, Manalili, Sisters Saragoza, Wiiri, Elders Llanda, Glassie

Fun and Games at Zone Conference

Birthday Celebrants.  Tanner is hiding in the back.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 58 - Happy Birthday Buddy!


Heyyo. This week has been pretty fun. We will for sure have our baptism on Friday of this week. We will have her interview on Thursday. We honestly got told by President that the both of us will be getting transferred. So that's pretty interesting as well. I hope I get transferred up to Tuguegaro South or to Alicia.
Anyways, in other news we had another sister tell us she wanted to be baptized. So that really sucks because there may not be missionaries here next cycle and I'm not sure the members will teach her. So it's really pretty sad that that's happening. We haven't had really any success with less actives at all these 2 cycles, but our recent converts are all doing great. So that's pretty great. Anyways that's about all the news here. Talk to ya'll next week .

Happy B-day buddy! You're our favorite player!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 57 - Thanks for the bucks Grandma!


Heyo sorry we were busy yesterday we didn't get to email, but I got permission to email today. We are having a great time here! The member are still being a bit crazy. They don't want to have meetings with us or work with us or anything like that. Which is a little disappointing, but it's all good. We have a couple of members that feed us and still talk with us which is nice ^_^ Other than that Jessa had to have her baptismal date moved back because she wasn't able to come to church last week. So on the 26th of this month we'll have her baptismal date.

Also Grandma keeps sending me letters with one dollar bills asking me if I'm receiving them! So you can tell her I am receiving them and tell her thanks, I love her, and give her a kiss for me XD. Other than that, I tried withdrawing from my personal account earlier for my Birthday so we could go out to eat, but it wouldn't let me withdraw, I don't know if you blocked my account or what, so just let me know what's up there! Anyways I love you guys! we only have 15 minutes here so we are out! I'll message next week I promise!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 56 - Birthday coming up


Hey yo, what's up. Really not a lot happened this week. We are still teaching Jessa. We still plan to get her baptized. My birthday is coming up. Hopefully this one will be better than the last :p I already have a bunch of dinners and lunches lined up. So I guess we'll just see. It's crazy how fast time flies here. I only have 9 more months. It's awesome. After this cycle I only have 6 more cycles. That's insane hahah Other than that, this week is probably gonna be the same as last. Nothing much planned for this week. Same old same old. Anyways ya'll take care this week.