Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 58 - Happy Birthday Buddy!


Heyyo. This week has been pretty fun. We will for sure have our baptism on Friday of this week. We will have her interview on Thursday. We honestly got told by President that the both of us will be getting transferred. So that's pretty interesting as well. I hope I get transferred up to Tuguegaro South or to Alicia.
Anyways, in other news we had another sister tell us she wanted to be baptized. So that really sucks because there may not be missionaries here next cycle and I'm not sure the members will teach her. So it's really pretty sad that that's happening. We haven't had really any success with less actives at all these 2 cycles, but our recent converts are all doing great. So that's pretty great. Anyways that's about all the news here. Talk to ya'll next week .

Happy B-day buddy! You're our favorite player!

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