Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 52 - Becoming a trainer.


I thought I uploaded the pictures :P I guess I didn't.  They aren't on my MC either. I don't know what happened... I'll get copies from Faa. I talked to President about it during our interview last week. He said it was all good, but I need to make sure I want it, and I need to get my Visa fixed ASAP. So it is possible. We normally get our trunky letters 3 or 4 months before the release date. I also get to pick June or May. He said if I want to get released early than it was fine with him. He also said I'll be becoming a trainer. Either this cycle or next :P

Also, I got some stuff stolen from me. I got my P-day shoes, nikes, and my new Proselyting shoes.... I'm using my old ones right now, but they won't hold up for forever. Maybe 1 more cycle. E. Zabala and E. Paea are my zone leaders. E. Glassie is my new DL.

This week is our baptism. We also have another interview for a baptism this week. and we set another  baptismal date for 3 weeks from now, which will probably be next cycle. So things are going really good here. I really hope I don't transfer, but it's possible because I think my comp is going to train too. I really want to have my birthday here. I already have plans for my birthday so I hope I don't get transferred. I think that's about it. Any ways that's about it. Love ya'll take care.

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