Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 51 - Upcoming baptisms!


Alright I'll take pictures of all the places we go this week :p
Yeah we did get a new investigator. She is the Niece of one member here. She came to church last week and we set her baptism for the 23rd. Jefferson is still progressing. His interview is this week on Saturday. We had our baptism scheduled for the 15th, but the members decided last week to have an activity on that day so they moved our baptism to the 14th. Also E. Manalili said not really anyone attends the baptisms so we'll have to work on that. hahahha
We have our interviews this week with Prez. So I guess we see how that goes, but anyways I'm sure it'll be great^-^ hahaha Anyways that's all.... Take care! Love you.

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