Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 23 - Birthdays are more about the food than the presents

Benito Soliven

So we had our baptism this week. It was good. The attendance wasn't bad. We got about 15 members there plus the missionaries from San Mariano. Transfer date is coming up and I don't even want to get my hopes up saying that I won't be transferred. This week I'll be trying to get as many visits as we can possible just so I can make sure I meet with all the members before I leave. Sadly, we won't have another baptism before transfer date which is the 28th of this month. If you haven't sent my package, ya'll should try to get a copy of Meet The Mormons for me. They said we probably won't get copies here until next year. Last week we were super busy. We had 2 birthdays and a baptism. The first birthday was Elder Enuake in San Mariano on the 14th. We went over to their house cooked food and played card games and then slept there. The next birthday was on the 15th it was a member in our ward, Renzle Basa. She invited us over and we had food and met a couple of her friends. The next day on the 16th we had our baptism, but it was also the birthday of the girl getting baptized so we got to go over there and eat after the baptism. Here, birthdays are more about the food than the presents. It basically "lets see how many people we can feed today" day. So they are way fun. Well that's all I have. I'll upload pictures soon. I love you all! Take care.

Newest Member in Benito Soliven

Elder Enuake's Birthday

Elder Cantero and Elder Swensen

Elder Lott and Elder Swensen

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