Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 28 - The kids, they love me!


It only rained 1 day here last week. Thing are getting back to hot again. We also found out our area will be going from four missionaries to two missionaries so that's cool.  I really just want to keep my companion right now. Me and him get along together real well. In one of our areas there are a ton of little kids and of course they love me. They always follow us to all our lessons in that area. It's awesome because they aren't even members. There are also three little girls at church that whenever they see me they always run at me and tackle me. Seriously I think the little kids here are awesome. Way better than American kids. BTW Britts baby looks way ugly. It definitely takes after Brittney.
Anyways that's all. Love you all. 
Elder Tanner Swensen


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