Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 27 - Filipino Food


That sounds fun. Trust me, even if you do cook Filipino food, it will taste nothing like the peoples food here. They cook it so much better. I say just wait until I come how and I'll show you what we eat. This week was pretty much just the same as any other. I figure that's how missionary work is. We had a baptism last week and then we have 4 more scheduled for the 21st of March. I'm so serious about you guys coming here. I even asked my Mission president what I need to do to get released here and stuff. He's down with the idea too. So yeah, It's furreal. Plan on it. We went to some caves earlier today. It was nothing too exciting, but it was something. Tug City is also a lot more confusing than Ilagan. It's got so many streets and no street signs. This week me and my comp are going to look for more LAs to teach so hopefully we can bring the ward back up to 150+. Last week we had 7 investigators, at church and 140 members total. So that's way good. Yeah that's about it. Maybe I'll send home some spices too so that you guys can cook real Filipino food. I highly doubt they have spices like the ones here. I don't know, I need to find a post office first, so however that goes. Anyways take care. I'll upload pictures later.
Love Elder Swensen


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