Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 46 - I love this ward! (one year in the books)


Hello yo, wussup. So this week we got it down for sure. We will have 3 baptisms on July 4. It was really kind of odd because E. Arorong didn't have any money to come up for the interview last week so we thought we were going to have to push the baptisms back another week.  We'll be having the interviews 3 days before the baptisms, but at least they'll continue.
We still haven’t found any body new that's actually interested. Of course there is plenty of people that are interested in meeting me and E. Faa, because we're both foreign, but that's about the extent of their interest. This last week we both got sick though. We bought some chicken Monday night and that night I woke up at 3AM and had diarrhea for one straight hour. Then the next day after our district meeting, E. Faa had diarrhea too. That went on for a whole week. Saturday we were finally able to work a whole day without going to the bathroom. It was way bad.
Other than that one of our LAs didn't go to church, but if he did he would have been reactivated. We had 4 investigators go to church. Honestly, I love this ward. I mean I'm always the fill in for when people don't show up for talks, I teach gospel essentials class, and sometimes when the EQ pres isn't there I teach there too, or sometimes in primary too. At the end of church my head hurts pretty bad from being the center of attention for that long, but it's fun. I have a real good time. 
Tanner has been out one year this week and he didn't even mention it.

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