Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 48 - Awesome blessings before I go to my next favorite area.

Last week in Alcala

Sorry we couldn't send emails last week, there was a typhoon here and the power was out all day. Everything is good here. Because of the storm, we couldn't confirm 2 of our baptisms that happened 2 weeks ago, but yesterday we got them confirmed and then 2 of the baptisms received the priesthood. It's cool because I was the one who started teaching all these people and I get to see them get baptized, receive the priesthood and all that stuff.

I'm all getting transferred in 2 days, so that's a bummer. I like this area a lot better than my first so it really is a shame to leave. I hope I go down south somewhere like Bambang or Solono. It really sucks because I had to deal with the hottest part of the summer in the hottest area of the Philippines. Haha, but at least I'm still alive. We just had our zone activity earlier. It was way fun. This is by far my favorite zone too. Half the zone is getting transferred though. Every companionship has a transfer. Well that's about it for this week.

Take care I love you

Tuguegarao North Zone
Sister Villa, Sister Canlapan, Sister DeGuzman, Sister Seumanu
Elders Llacona, Arorong, Swensen, Faasavalu, Gabelo,

Einfeldt, Corcuera, Abadines, Reyes, Saguire

Zone Conference Jeopardy Activity

And lunch by Brother Pete

Alcala Friends - Park Shin Hye, Lynne Bueno, Elder Swensen,
Anjo Gonzales Tejano, and Irish Mae Tejano

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