Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 49 - Ramon in Santiago North Zone


Sorry I forgot my card reader again so no new pics. It's hard to remember things because we're always doing stuff in the morning. We are just coming from basketball. So I am in Santiago North Zone, in Ramon. It's weird because this was Faa's last area. He said he loved it and I can tell why. Dinner appointments every night with a nanay named nanay linda. The ward here is pretty great too. So the only progressing investigators we have right now is Jefferson. He's 13 and a cool little kid. We taught him for the first time on Saturday and he went to church yesterday so he has potential.

So on transfer day we met in Tug city's stake center and then those who were getting transferred take the van to Cauayan where they catch a different ride to wherever they get assigned.  My companions name by the way is Elder Manalili. He's from Manila. He a cool kid. He's the first Filipino companion that's taller than me. I'll send pix next week. Nothing else has really changed. The house here is awesome I love it. It's surrounded by coconuts and the native orange thingy's here called suha. Other things that I forgot to tell you over the past year, I love blood. It's way good. I love balut too. I'm getting pretty good at cooking. and yeah I still love the Philippines, even though it's hot. I've talked to president about getting released here and he's game for it. I still plan to study here. So I don't know how that will go down.
New Companion, Elder Manalili, next to former companion, Elder Pawin

New area - Ramon

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