Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 44 - Philippines broadcast with Elder Anderson


This week was pretty much average. Nothing exciting really happened. We didn't have church, we had a Philippines national broadcast with E. Anderson as the speaker. It was actually really good. We are still teaching the investigators I've mentioned to you. It sucks there was no church last week, because 2 weeks ago was the first time that the Rino family was able to go to church. I was hoping to just keep that rolling, but apparently god has different plans XD.

We don't really have any new investigators that show potential. It's the same deal with our less actives. We have a few that are saying they want to come back to church, but they don't ever come. Last week we also had our zone conference you should be able to get pictures there. I don't want to connect my camera directly to the PC anymore I think that's a reason why my camera freaked out. I also forgot to bring my card reader, so y'all can just wait till next week.

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