Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 8 - My Mother's Lucky Machete!

Benito Soliven

Dear Family,

Not much has changed and there hasn't been any crazy experiences so I really don't have a lot to write about. I'm having a good time and the work is hard and tiring. Something interesting I found out. The songs 'Bebot' and 'The APL song' by Black eyed peas are in Tagalog. So that's pretty cool. Of course everyone loves them here, because Apl is Filipino. Our next baptism is Princess Cacayuran which her baptism date is set for October 18.
Yesterday we were down at Maluno Sur and it was about to rain and they were drying corn so we had to hurry and sweep all the corn back into the bags. I think I have pictures of it. We also cooked a dinner for that former bishop but he still hasn't attended church. We reactivated 2 members this week.
Yes one of my zone leaders were transferred and the new one is just fine. I get along with all of them. This week I asked this guy, Brother Pete, if he could get me a machete.(Brother Pete is basically the black market dealer for missionaries he gets you anything anything you want authentic Filipino) He said that we still has one from back when he was in the Vietnam War and I could have it if I liked it. So next time he comes to our district meeting I'll have my machete officially. Happy Birthday mom. 

Love Tanner. 

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