Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 6&7 - 1st Baptisms for my Birthday

Benito Soliven

Sep. 21, 2014
This week I got to baptize the first investigator. His name is Mark Elmo Yakkitan Hermoso. It was way fun. For my birthday I withdrew the money grandma gave me and we bought stuff to make cakes, a soccer ball, and a sweet hat. Then we had a ninja fight and a bunch of other stuff, but it was a fun time.

Sep 29, 2014
Mark Elmo, the person I baptized is a 17 year old that used to be from the Church of Christ. He's awesome and has gone out with us twice now. He's an amazing fellowshipper and he's planning for a mission too. He's a real strong guy. We had another baptism last week. Brother Ashley Naval. He's a 12 year old. He lives with his Grandma and Grandpa who are both active members. Both Ashley and Mark are great examples. Our next baptism is planned for October 18th. Sister Princess Cacayuran. The language is coming quick. I can now actually converse with people normally. Everything else is going great.

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