Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 10 - Dengue Fever

Benito Soliven

Hey everything is going great over here. You guys definitely need to come visit here after my mission. I'm pretty decent in Tagalog right now, but Ilocano is a killer. It's much harder. I just barely bought some old Vietnam bolo knives from an old Vietnam Vet. I figured that it was second best to a machete for Britt. They are pretty sweet I'm not going to lie. This last week I had Dengue fever. So unfortunately we had to stay inside for some of the week. I will never complain about a normal headache again. I went to the hospital, because sister Rahlf wanted to watch my blood count, and all they really wanted me to do was come back so they could make me pay more. Luckily we only had to go for one visit. Now I'm doing pretty good. Just a small headache. We had our Baptism this week and it was great. Sister Princess is awesome. I will try and upload pictures later. Everything else is fine.

Baptism of Princess Cacayuran
Helping with the Dried Corn Harvest

Tanner with his broom!

At the hospital for Dengue Fever!

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