Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 74 - The new District Leader


So being a district leader is actually quite easy. All I have to do account all the elders and sisters in my district before District meeting and then I teach district meeting. I think  training is a lot harder than being a district leader.

This week we thought Grace was coming for sure to church. We had her assigned a ride and everything.  Then the person we asked to give her a ride forgot or something and wasn't able to get her so that sucked, but Michelle finally came to church.  It really surprised us but it was awesome:) My comp is doing great, and I hope we will get a baptism before next cycle, but it dones't look like that's going to happen but I think we will get one next cycle. The area is just so hard, but we are still working hard.
I was also wondering if you could put a little money on my card I wsa going to buy treats for my district and a couple of our investigators. anyways thanks guys, I love you
Another photo of Elder Doctolero's batch.  It is huge.
He is standing next to the Mission President.

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