Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 36 - Traveling preacher


This week went really fast.  We weren't in Alcala a whole lot this week. On Tuesday, we were in Tugue for DM and then we went on splits with the Elders from Solana.  Elder Echano and Llacona came and stayed at our apartment and I went on splits with Elder Echano. We went to see Gemma and her family. It was fun.

On Thursday, we went to Echague for E. Brandon's teeth. That took the whole day, but it was fun because we got to eat at SM in Cauayan. Just so you know SM is the biggest mall in our mission, that or Robinson's in Santiago. Also on the way home, I got to talk with this lady. She was from the Philippines, but she married an American from Atlanta and after they got divorced she moved to Japan and is working there. She just came back for the funeral of her mom. We talked from Ilagan to Cabagan, which is like two hours by bus. It was way fun, and I basically taught all of lesson 1 to her on the bus.

On Saturday, we went down to Tugue for a baptismal interview for the sisters there. Other than that this week has been busy, but pretty normal.  I don't really need anything in a package, just chocolate again. Last time was perfect.  I just found out I'm not getting transferred so that's great!

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