Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 34 - Awesome baptisms!


Sorry, I haven't written much lately.  The typhoon didn't really do anything.  It rained a little bit yesterday, but that was it. Actually Easter wasn't much here. Friday is a government holiday for good Friday, but other than that, they really didn't do anything here. It was like a normal day.
The people who got baptized last week are awesome. They are in a part of our area that's on the other side of Cagayan river. The place is called Tamban. I hope by next year they have a branch over there. The members over there are just awesome. Also, later in the storm season they said it's impossible to cross the river so it would really help to have a meetinghouse over there. We haven't had much luck with finding lately so we've really just been working on our less actives and the investigators we have right now.
We have a baptism next Saturday. It is the Husband of one of the baptisms last week. He is awesome too. He used to have a problem with smoking and that's why he wasn't on the same date as his wife, but one day he was just like, I don't feel the urge to smoke at all anymore. He's like I'm not even tempted, and he hasn't smoked since then. He's really an awesome guy. Also during our church classes he listens like crazy. Even if it's a super deep topic like about the priesthood he'll listen and ask questions. He's a real cool guy.
The Tejano family is one of our investigators. We cooked tacos with them, I think 2 weeks ago. It was way fun and they have potential too to get baptized. DeLeon is the naynay that we always eat with. She is basically like my mom here. Whenever I get sick or have a headache she'll always takes care of me. She also said when I come back to study I should just live at their house because their daughter, Kim, just left on her mission and she said it's super lonely in her house so she wants me to stay there. She also really wants to meet you guys. She's actually not bad at English either. Anyways, let me know if you have any other questions.
I love you guys. 

3 awesome baptisms last week and tatay next week!
Tejano Family
Tacos with the Tejano's

Elders and the DeLeons

Dinner with the DeLeons

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