Saturday, July 12, 2014

MTC week 3 - P-day Eve

​This week has been basically the same as last week. the only difference is our p-day eve this week was epic. A bunch of elders in our zone are about to head out and so we all brought all the food we have out on a table and we just had a MTC style party. Its pretty sad to see these elders go because they were basically the ones who trained us and welcomed us to the MTC , but I'm excited for them to head out to the Philippians besides that everything else has just been exactly the same. My pictures aren't uploading today so I can't send any of those. I think it's just the computer that I'm on. Oh yeah if you get a chance you should just send more food. I ran out last night and I need some more for this weeks p-day eve. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I told my companion Elder Ivins that if his girlfriend didn't send me a package that he couldn't marry him. I said that jokingly, but he put that in his letter and of course about three or four days later I got a package from her. just with beef jerky, snickers, and a Pepsi, and a note that said "Now you have your package so keep taking care of Elder Ivins. That's all I have to say today.  Jk I switched computers and now pictures are up. That first one is a part of our food for p-day eve.

Also I'm in the Dan Jones building and I thought that was pretty funny.

and here's the last picture I have this week. It's just a picture of our district including our sisters. Sister Dahl and Sister Hamblin. and of course I'm blinking. So from left to right Thats's Elder Staheli, Elder Ivins, Elder Me, Elder McBride (Our current District leader), Elder Garate. and then Sister Hamblin and Sister Dahl on the bottom.

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