Saturday, July 26, 2014

MTC week 5 - We have flight plans

This week was pretty normal. We have our flight plans. So we leave on August 7th we are going to Detroit, then to Hong Kong, then to Manila. So I'm going to be on a plane for a day and a half and then on a bus ride to Cauayan for basically the whole day. I'm guessing we are going to stay in manila at least one night, perro hindi ko alam. The language is great. We speak it 100 % all day here at the MTC.

We go to the temple Saturday for endowments and then every Sunday just for a temple walk. I love it here at the MTC, perro I can't wait to leave. fast Sunday's are a little weird. We have something called a missionary conference it's basically just like an extra devotional we have in place of lunch, perro besides that everything is about the same.  Oh yeah, my flight leaves at 3:30 AM on Thursday. We aren't going to sleep that night. I don't have any pictures this week, because we didn't really do anything. I'll get some more this week before we leave, perro that's about it from me for this week.

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