Saturday, July 19, 2014

MTC Week 4 - The priesthood is real!

What's up yo?

Still at the MTC Kicking hard. Hadley I got your letter, but haven't had time to write back this week, but you should get a letter back next week. Have fun in Albuquerque! This week has been pretty insane. The first district that was in here before us just headed out. We had a great testimony and then sent them off at 5 AM the morning after. The next district leaving is just of 2 sisters and they will be leaving not this week, but next. A story about one of the sisters in that district though, On Sundays, in our district we offer blessings to anyone who wants it. So most of us got blessings and those 2 sisters in that district wanted blessings as well. Sister Bakley from Montana asked me to do her blessing and it was my first one, but I accepted. After the blessing of course she was crying, but I didn't realize why until the testimony later that evening. During the blessing I said I bless you with the faith to make mountains flee, the same as Enoch's. Apparently that week she had been studying the life of Enoch and she was praying and asking God for faith and strength. So I'm pretty sure the priesthood is real, but no big deal. It's just God's power on earth.
Sorry for not answering all your questions dad. I always forget when I get to the computer lab. There is only one other sister in my district going to Cauayan, but the district after us is weird they are only here for 5 weeks and they leave the same day as us. So I don't know why they moved my district up a week, but everyone in my district got moved up. In the district after me there are 3 other Elders going to Cauayan with me. Elder Reynolds, Elder Lott, and Elder Einfelt. 
The first Photo is a picture of what we do when we are bored in our residency halls. We get mattresses and we either just do dumb crap or we wait till someone goes in the vending machine room and then we all run in with hug mattresses and block the doorway so they can't get out. It's pretty hilarious.



​I also seen Jonathan on a daily basis.
And more Pictures. The first one is a game of russian roulette with a cocky sister from across the hall. Basically you have 1 raw egg and 5 hardboiled ones and you just pick an egg and smash it on your head. The first one to get the raw egg loses. Of course, I won.

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