Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 69 - Christmas is coming.


I got sick again last week. We weren't able to go to church. I had like a flu or something.  I was basically just throwing up all Saturday and Sunday, but this week we've got our Christmas devotional on Tuesday, so that should be fun.  We also have FHE at a less actives house.  On the 19th we have a Branch Christmas party too.

We can't find a good enough net shop to upload pictures. I'll try to send them through email. but I think it will still be too slow. We'll try again next week. Things were good this week.

Cauayan District Activity
Elder Higgins, Castillo, Balneg, Swensen, Monilla, and Fernandez
Sister Allen, Canlapan, Maroket, and Mariano

Jefferey Martinez, Elder Swensen and Elder Balneg

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