Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 41 - We are sooo cheezy!


Haha you guys are always so cheezy in your letters. ;D  It wouldn't hurt to throw in a few more jokes e'ery so often eh. ;)  Things are great here. Yeah we got 2 new investigators. They are the nephews of a member. They just moved here, but they're going to church and listening to the lessons, so hopefully that will go somewhere. They worked with us too yesterday. I'll upload our picture a little bit later.

Other than that me and E. Faa have been having a great time. We just had a district activity. It was one of our sisters birthdays, so we bought cake and cooked food, played volleyball, and had a water fight. The only problem we have right now is Money. I know I hate to ask, but we were unwise with our money this cycle. We spent too much money on food.  Next week, the first week of June, I think I'm getting transferred.  So I shouldn't have this problem again. Is it alright if I withdraw a little bit of money. Just enough to get through this next week?  Anyways, thanks for everything.

I love you guys. I'm working hard for ya'll!

Alcala District in Tuguegaro North Zone

Pumping Iron with Elder Sefita and Elder Faa.
Poor pasty white boy!

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