Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 14 - Giving away his clothes?

Benito Soliven

Everything is great here. I having a great time with Elder Domingo and we are killing it. Of course we have struggles with investigators this week, but we decided to focus more on LAs this week. Everyone thinks that I'm going to get transferred next month. That would be AWFUL though, because I wouldn't have my package so I couldn't give stuff to all the people here. The weather is exactly the same as it's always been. We see the DL once a week. He's from Ogden. He's cool. One of our ZLs is from Cali the other is from the Phillies. The language is still hard. The people are still nice. No weird stories today. I think I'm going to try to send a package home once I get all the things for you guys. From what I here it's not too expensive. I'm trying to not spend much money, but I have a chance to buy one of those nativities you wanted to if you want it you need to let me know so that I can buy it. For Christmas, once it gets closer you should add the money grandma will give me so I can buy a couple things for the people here. So I've lost a ton of weight I had to get all my clothes refit, so that cost a lot of money. I also Gave a lot of my clothes away to people that needed it. So I only have 3 shirts, 2 pants, 4 ties, and 2 pairs of shoes. Of course we wash by hand here So I have to wash basically every 2 days. It's hard, and I was starting to doubt my decision when my knuckles started to bleed from washing, but last Sunday I saw almost every person in the chapel wearing one of my clothes and it was a good feeling. The bloody Knuckles were worth it and I guess the Elder Holland Talk inspired me to do it I'm not sure if it was this last session or the one before that, but it's a good one. That's all this week.

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