Monday, August 18, 2014

1st week in The Philippines!

Benito Soliven

Shout out to my sibs who had their birthdays this month. Thanks to everyone who sent me packages or mail while at the MTC! It was dope.
So my area is Benito Soliven. Our apartment, looks like every where else in the Philippines. The food is all pretty similar. Rice, with pork or chicken with all kinds of sauce. The streets are flooded with ugly street dogs. After rain, their are tons of frogs and we occasionally see snakes. Ants just always live in the apartment and we get big cockroaches every once in a while. We get mice and rats pretty often too. Mostly the weather is just hot. but when it rains it pours, and that's the best because it drops like 10 degrees. Going to the bathroom is done without toilet paper just a bucket of water and your hand. A shower is a cup of water, and our AC is an electric fan. 
I can't take any pictures this weeks because I for got my Camera cord and there is no place to insert an SD card. 
All the people here are great! My comp is Elder Bautista and he's awesome. We speak Tagalog mostly all the time and this week I will start leading lessons. Other than that, our bishop was sick this week, our 2nd councilor is inactive, so the only one at church was the first councilor. It's just such a struggle for poeple to make it to church because our area is massive and The people don't have much money for transportation. 
We don't have many investigators now and only one progressing investigator, but he's a good guy. His name is Brother Elmo and he speaks pretty good English so its really easy for me to teach him, because it hard for e to convey and sort of spirit across Tagalog just because I don't know it well enough right now, but Brother Elmo's l;lessons are great and we have 2 lessons with him this week. 
Just about to finish the BoM again. I just finished Mormon, and it just made me think of how good a man Moroni was and I think it was because his father was such a good man. SO thanks dad for raising me properly.

That's all I have this week.


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